Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day.   My thanks to my mom for the things she taught me.  I am a suprise baby.   I wish I had known her in her youth. Some times I will ask my older siblings what mom was like in this instance or that.   My earliest memories of her are in her mid forties. She saved everything,  and some of it found other purposes. 

I only knew one set of grandparents, my mom's parents.   We were at an Elks Lodge Mother's Day dinner once and they announced my grandmother as the oldest mom there,  and she refused to walk up and accept it.  My grandparents were married in 1914 and survived the great depression.  I remember her peeling apples in one long peel slinking down into the little colander she kept at the corner of her sink.   All food scraps went into a compost bin.   Nothing went to waste.  She had a lovely bed of nasturtiums, and when ever I see them,  I think of her.

My yogurt turned out wonderful.  I need to do a bit more research there before I post.

This process of gaining more control of my life and surroundings has been great. I have been learning all that I can.   The best site I have found so far is ""  I also like ""

Years ago someone turned me onto ""  This is a wonderful place for anyone who has a bit too much clutter & chaos in their lives.   So far the cleaning products I have purchased from her have been wonderful.  She has some thoughts that would be of benefit to anyone listening.  I still have clutter,  but it is far less,  and much more in control.

My thanks to all the women out there who helped me be who I am.

Happy Thrifty Day, Pegi

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